Feature Requests

Enhance VAPI-Assistant with Lip-Sync Data in response for Virtual Avatars.
I am writing to propose an enhancement to the VAPI-Assistant that could significantly benefit both our growing business and your esteemed platform. Specifically, we would like to request the inclusion of lip-sync data in the responses provided by VAPI-Assistant. This feature is crucial for our ongoing projects, as it would allow us to integrate virtual avatars into our applications more seamlessly and create a more elegant user experience. Currently, there is an open-source solution available ( https://github.com/DanielSWolf/rhubarb-lip-sync ) that provides lip-sync data. However, having this capability natively supported by VAPI-Assistant would be a game-changer for us and many other developers who rely on your service. The inclusion of lip-sync data would not only meet a significant client request but also ensure that we, along with many other businesses, continue to utilize VAPI's services without needing to rely on external platforms. This enhancement would strengthen our commitment to VAPI and foster long-term collaboration. We believe that this feature could open up new possibilities for VAPI-Assistant, attracting more developers and businesses looking for comprehensive and efficient solutions. Our growing business, along with many others, would greatly benefit from this enhancement, reinforcing VAPI's position as a leader in the industry. Thank you for considering this request. We look forward to your positive response and are eager to continue our partnership with VAPI.
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